Undergraduate research theses/projects

My undergraduate research projects fall into three categories:

1) Genetic analysis of cell cycle mutations in Drosophila melanogater

2) Nematode Diversity Project in Collaboration with Dr.Bhagwati Gupta

3) Pedagogical Research

Supervised projects:

Theses 12:13

Theses 11:12

Theses 10:11

Theses 09:10

Theses 08:09

Theses 07:08

Theses 06:07

Co-supervision of undergraduate thesis projects not listed.  i have co-supervised projects from the Department of Biology labs of R.Cameron, M.Elliot, B.Gupta, R.Jacobs, J..Kolassa, H.Schellhorn, J.Stone, and J.-P Xu, in addition to projects  in the labs of various faculty from Health Sciences.