Promoting Undergraduate Research

My focus in pedagogical innovations has been to develop authentic research opportunities for undergraduate students that go beyond the traditional honours thesis.  Here are some of my most recent initiatives:

  • (In progress) Molecular Biology 2C03: Genetics. Introducing personalized genome testing in Fall 2015 in collaboration with Drs. Mihaela Georgescu, Bhagwati Gupta, and Xu-Dong Zhu. Funding provided by MIIETL Teaching and Learning grant.
  • Establishment of the Undergraduate Cell Biology Laboratory in Burke Sciences, BSB 207 in Spring 2015 in collaboration with Dr. Rosa da Silva, Alison Cowie, and Ryan Belowitz. This is a dedicated cell culture and microscopy facility for undergraduate courses in Biology and across the Faculty of Science. Funding provided through The University Fund.
  • Molecular Biology 3D03: Experimental Approaches in Cell Biology was developed in collaboration with Dr. Ana Campos, Ryan Belowirz, Alison Cowie, and Jessica Know in the Department of Biology.  This course ran in the Cell Biology Laboratory in Spring 2015.
  • Biology 1A03: Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology. Created personalized, theme-based laboratories based upon the evolution of the amylase gene repeats. Developed in Winter/Spring 2014 in collaboration with Alastair Tracey and Ryan Belowitz. Funded by Forward with Integrity
  • Establishment of the Applied Undergraduate Learning Lab for Undergraduate Research (ALLURE) in collaboration with Dr. Rosa da Silva. This space is dedicated undergraduate research space that will be used by thesis students supervised by Teaching Professors or co-supervised in collaborative projects. This space has been established based upon the principle of collaborative undergraduate research projects that have occurred under my supervision for the past 10 years with a total of about 70 students in thesis projects, placement projects, and volunteer positions.