Undergraduate placements

Experiential placement courses provide the opportunity for students to tie a volunteer or work experience to their academic program.  I have served as the academic advisor for placements on and off campus as well as the joint placement/academic advisor for students working directly with me.

As academic advisor, I typically ask students to maintain a weekly blog or journal that tracks goals and accomplishments in the placement, to meet with me on a weekly basis if the placement is with me or monthly basis if the placement is elsewhere, and to complete an academic piece of work such as a literature review specific to the field of study of their placement.

Sample placements of interest:

  • students interested in policy and law have completed placements at the McMaster Innovation Liaison Office (MILO) in which I was the academic advisor
  • students interested in communication, media and art have completed placements with me designing tools and diagrams for classwork. For example, see the work in progress of Jessica Zhang can be seen here: http://www.yjzhang.blogspot.ca/
  • students interested in research have had the chance to volunteer in labs by researching and testing new protocols or organizing and analyzing previously collected data.  For example see the work of Subtain Ali: http://www.macwormlab.net/wp/
  • students interested in education have completed projects in which they have volunteered in a elementary classroom and designed a lesson or activity for the class

2013: Darsi Tharmalingam, Vitheya Thanabalan , Jessica Zhang

2012: Subtain Ali, Gagandeep Sawana, Courtney Hophing

2011: Tahir Ali, Mariam Ansari, Adam Jokhio, Nida Najfi, Nimasha Weliwitigoda, Gurvinder Dhaliwal

2010:: Natasha Correa, Haneesha Mohan, Dima Omar, Nirvana Prashad, Stephanie Syer

2009: Monique Chiam