Life Science 2A03

Life Science 2A03: Research Methods in the Life Sciences

Course Description: 

What is science?  What is the scientific method?  How is science conducted?  Does this process work?  In this course, we will examine the history of science and how researchers conduct science today.  We will be using the field of stem cell research to frame our examination of the scientific process.

Course Aims:

  • Engage in scientific discourse.
  • Confront preconceptions and draw conclusions based upon scientific research
  • Critically analyze published data
  • Thoughtfully and civilly engage in evidence-based arguments
  • Examine career fields within the Life Sciences

 Course Objectives: 

By the end of this course students should be able to,

  • Critically read research papers
  • Present and describe research data and interpretations in an oral and written format
  • Analyze and interpret experimental results

Course syllabus:  LifeSci2AO3 syllabus