Biology 1A03

Biology 1A03: Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology

This course was completely redesigned in 2013/14 in terms of themes, delivery, and lab content.

1) The course was redesigned around the core theme of the human body. The story begins with the structure and macromolecular makeup of the specialized eukaryotic cells that create our multicellular structure and of the diverse prokaryotic cells that make up our microbiome.

2) The course was reformulated in a blended structure that includes two online lectures per week (about 30 minutes each), an optional review lecture, and an in-class applied lecture.  Each applied lecture takes the ideas of that week’s online lecture and explores current research and applications. A sample clip from the online lecture is available here:

Blended course modules were created in collaboration primarily with Dr. Rosa da SIlva.

3) Course labs were redesigned around a central them of amylase gene expression and gene evolution. Students use their own samples to measure protein expression levels and tandem gene copy number.  Learning objectives include practicing experimental design, data analysis, and research ethics.

Lab components were created in collaboration with Alastair Tracey.