Elementary School Lunch Club

Lunch clubs run for 6 week blocks at G.R.Allan School in Westdale, Hamilton for grades 2 through 5.  The sessions begin by asking the question “What is science?”

Science Lunch Club Fall 2012:

  • Physics: Cartesian diver
  • Chemistry: Lava lamp
  • Physics: Balloon airplanes
  • Chemistry/Physics: Lemon battery
  • Physics: Scale
  • Chemistry: Volcano

Science Lunch Club Winter 2013:

  • Physics: Ooblek and non-Newtonian liquids
  • Biology: Capillary action in plants
  • Chemistry: Cabbage juice pH meter
  • Chemistry: Bouncy ball polymers
  • Physics, Biology: Magnification, flies and worms
  • Physics: Magnetism

Science club diploma